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UGC NET November 2020 - Georaphy I Research Arena

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UGC NET November 2020 - Georaphy II Research Arena

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Geography Test Series

Curious to test your knowledge in geography? “Tests makes us all better learners.” Our Online research institute, based in Kerala, offers online mock tests, helping you test your knowledge in geography. With our online test series for UGC-NET/JRF, not only you can analyse your preparation but simultaneously you will be able to reach every angle of the syllabus, we hope. Further, our fully responsive academic assistance will help you to gain concept clarity. You can access the test series at any time, from anywhere. Our online tests are designed to help you test your knowledge and whilst learning much more! With our online platform, all dedicated UGC NET/ JRF aspirants get the chance to achieve a great career.




Our personalised learning packages, guide and support all the UGC – NET aspirants, throughout...

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  1. We provide personalized learning packages 
  2. Tests are designed by Experts in UGC NET/ JRF academic training And JRF holders with 7+ years of experience 
  3. Our learning packages include 20 mock tests which can be taken anytime
  4. Our dedicated counselling and academic assistance team, will guide you throughout your journey
  5. We offer one of the most result-oriented test-series for UGC-NET examinations. 
  6. Our test-series are designed with reference to 43 books, previous papers and online resources, enabling a thorough study of geography. 




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