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UGC NET Geography Online Mock Test

WE are one of the best online coaching for UGC – NET Geography in India. National Testing Agency conducts National Eligibility Test (NET) in Geography subject, on behalf of UGC. As Geography is not considered as a pure science stream thus doesn't come under the purview of CSIR, NET in Geography is conducted with UGC standards. If you possess MA Geography (post- graduation), then you can apply for UGC NET. If you have MSc Geography (not MA Geography), then you can apply for both UGC NET in Geography and CSIR NET in Earth Science.

The UGC Geography NET is conducted along with NET in other subjects under UGC. So, there will be only one UGC notification for all subjects under UGC. You may apply for the exam once UGC releases the notification. Subject wise syllabus will be provided in the notification so that you can download the latest syllabus of geography for your preparation. You shall mention the subject for which you are appearing in the application form. We need to apply via online mode only and there won't be any other alternatives. We provide online mock tests for UGC- NET in Geography and JRF.

UGC Net Geography Syllabus

UGC NET/JRF Geography exam consists of two papers; one general paper and another paper on core geography. The geography paper covers both conventional physical geographical aspects and various dimensions in human geography. It also includes modern geographical techniques, which is an important part of the syllabus.

Best coaching for net geography online

It is to be noted that your scores in both papers will be considered for the result. Thus, paper 1 is very important. Further, you need to score at least 40% marks in each paper separately. The paper will not be evaluated otherwise.

UGC NET Geography Systematic Preparation

How Important is UGC NET Geography Syllabus?

Getting a clear idea about the exam and question structure are very important. We highly recommend you start from the syllabus. Download the syllabuses of both papers and read them thoroughly. There can be many concepts that you are not familiar with. You will soon get an overall idea about where to stress more where you are strong.

UGC NET Geography Previous Years Question Papers

It is available on the official website of UGC itself. You don’t have to wander for that. Now, you will see how the syllabus is designed to a good question paper. Get an idea on the question structure, standard of questions, area covered etc.

UGC NET Geography Smart Preparation

Now it is time to start. The very first thing is allocation of time for both papers. Please never keep paper 1 pending for the last moment. Nothing is more disastrous than this. Aptitude is equally important as your geography paper and you will be able to score well only after apt practising.

Keeping short note is extremely helpful as it will help you to revise much faster and effectively. You may use any styles such as point by point, or short sentences. In any case, it is better to keep notes in concise form.

Revision is not time-wasting. We are human beings. We forget things easily. Without revision, the intensity of preparation, whatever it is, can be a mere waste of time.

UGC NET Geography Practice Tests

Once you cover the entire syllabus, checking your performance is pertinent. Practice makes us far better and sharp. You may use previous years question papers, or any mock test series for this purpose. Good mock test series can be fresh and productive at the same time. However, if you have financial constraints, no need to go for mock tests. You can make use of previous years question papers.

Best coaching for net geography online

Most Relevant Topics in UGC NET Geography

It is difficult to point which is the most relevant topic as pattern changes frequently. However, here we are listing a few topics which were found very important irrespective of time. Take a look.

⮚ Geographical Techniques

⮚ Regional Development and Planning

⮚ Geographical Thought – Various Schools of thought, Various Themes, Major Contributors etc.

⮚ Political Geography – Heartland and Rimland Theories, Geopolitics, International Organizations, Terminologies.

⮚ Cultural and Social Geography – Cultural Realms, Tribes and settlements, Social Well-being and various parameters.

⮚ Transportation Geography – Network Analysis (Technique), Connectivity Matrix, Models and Theories in Spatial Interaction.

⮚ Industrial Geography – Various theories on Industrial Location such as Weber’s theory, Losch model, theory of D M Smith etc.

⮚ Agricultural Geography – Whittlesey’s Classification of World Agricultural Regions, Crop Combination Methods of Weaver, Doi and Rafiullah etc.

⮚ Economic Geography – 5 sectors of economy, Resources and their concentrations (regions), Energy.

⮚ Population and Settlement Geography – Census 2011, World Population, Migration, Policies, Settlement patterns and their factors, Urban- Rural Settlements, Urbanisation and related features ( suburb, satellite town, urban fringe, urban sprawl, urban heat island etc), various theories, their proponents and related books.

⮚ Environment Geography – Ecosystem and its components, Various Cycles ( water cycle, carbon cycle etc), Environmental Concerns (Global warming, Climate change etc. ), Pollution, International Conventions etc.

⮚ Oceanography – Ocean reliefs, Currents, Tides, Salinity – Density – Temperature, Corals, various theories etc.

⮚ Climatology – Atmosphere, Heat Budget, Temperature – Pressure – Winds, Air mass – Air Front, Koppen’s Classification of world climate, Climatic Hazards and Disasters, Climate change etc.

⮚ Geomorphology – Various erosional and depositional activities, Cycle of erosion and major proponents, Earth movements, Internal structure of the earth, various theories and proponents, etc.

⮚ Geography of India – All of the above topics in Indian Perspective

FAQ - UGC NET Geography Test

  1. How much should I score for clearing UGC NET Geography?

It changes from time to time. Still Generally, the Cut off mark for general Category comes in a range of 60-65. OBC Cut off can be somewhere in 50-55 range. ST/SC Cut off goes even below that, can be in 40-45 range.

  1. How much should I score for clearing JRF in Geography?

JRF demands relatively high performance. You may need to get a mark in 65-70 range if you are general category.

  1. Self-Preparation is enough for clearing UGC NET Geography ?

Yes. You can easily clear the UGC NET/JRF Geography exam by self-preparation. However, it doesn’t minimize any toughness of the exam. You just need to be a self-motivated, self-learner. In this era of data flood, you are not going to lack any resources for your effective preparation.

  1. Which books shall I read for covering the UGC NET/JRF Geography syllabus?

Please don’t go for any single book. The exam is purely academic in nature. A single book with a general coverage of the syllabus might not be the one for a JRF aspirant. After analysing the latest UGC NET/JRF syllabus, you may go for materials for individual portions.

  1. How important is Mock Tests in my UGC NET/JRF Geography Preparation?

Mock Tests help you to analyse your preparation, shows more dimensions of the subject you learnt, and maybe some entirely new concepts which you may accidentally missed. All these stuffs are good for boosting your score in the real exam.

Further, mock tests with real exam structure give you a simulation before the real test. It will help you to manage time and maintain good presence of mind. Quality Mock Tests can help you a lot.

Still, if you have financial constraints which stops you from going for test series, then no need to worry about it. You can make use of previous years questions. Don’t forget to set time for the test, however. At any case, don’t go for a substandard mock test series, which can mislead you, gives you a false progress report.

JRF demands high performance. You may need to get a mark in 65-70 range if you are general category.

  1. What level of questions should I expect in UGC NET Geography exam?

You may expect theoretical questions, most of the time, except a few questions (4-6) from geographical techniques. Factual questions gain dominance over conceptual ones, normally. Questions do not become very difficult normally. It is just widely scattered. You can easily answer with your graduate level.

  1. I’m MA Geography. Can I apply for UGC NET Geography exam?

Yes. You can apply for UGC NET/JRF Geography. However, you will not be able to apply for CSIR NET/JRF which needs MSc.

  1. I’m MSc Geography. Can I apply for UGC NET Geography exam?

Yes. You can apply for UGC NET/JRF as well as CSIR NET/JRF (Earth Science)

  1. How importance is Current affairs in UGC NET Geography exam?

Current affairs don’t have any crucial role in UGC NET/JRF Geography exam yet. Sometimes, (only sometimes) one or two questions come from recently occurred disasters or recently conducted intergovernmental meets. However, it is very useful to go for current affairs and relate your theoretical knowledge with currently relevant phenomena. It will not only help you to be a smart learner but will help you to be an efficient teacher in future.

  1. Do questions come from Out of Syllabus for UGC NET Geography?

They can easily relate any questions with the terms in the syllabus they provide. But UGC doesn’t ask questions like how many teeth are there in a shark’s mouth!

  1. Does the UGC NET Geography exam repeat questions come from previous question papers?

Yes, a lot. See, UGC needs to manage two NET exams in a year. However, subject doesn’t have much changes. It is natural that they use same concepts and facts frequently due to their importance. You can expect several questions from previously asked papers normally. That is why previous papers are important for us.

  1. What is the general structure of UGC NET Geography question paper?

Section wise questions. Academic level questions (not application level as many competitive exams follow) stress on theories (which can be obsolete also) which have academic importance. Census questions in Indian Geography and technical questions which you need to do calculations for finding answer are generally included in the question paper.

  1. How many days do I need to prepare for the UGC NET Geography exam, minimum?

It is purely based on your level of knowledge. Still, Desirable minimum time for normal preparation is 2 months. However, you can finish it within one month as well, if you are going for intensive learning.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

General Colin Powell