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Comprehensive Daily Test Program 2021(CDTP-21) for UGC-NET examinations.

Test-series are designed with systematic and intensive syllabus revision related to the study of geography with the supervision of dedicated trainers.

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Details Of Comprehensive Daily Test Program (CDTP 2021)

Duration :

06. February. 2021 to 01. May. 2021

Test per day :


Questions per test :

Regular test – 30 questions (5 days / week)

Revision test – 30 – 50 questions (1 day/ week)

Previous Paper test – 50 questions (1 day/ week)

Explanations :

Regular test – Detailed explanations

Revision test – Explanations for only relevant portions

Previous paper test – Explanations for only relevant portions

Explanatory notes :

Downloadable PDF format. Besides, Two chat boxes – one for teachers to broadcast and the other for students to clear doubts – are available for discussions.

Medium :


Platform :


Course Fee :


Demo :

Free demo is available from 06. February. 2021 to 12. February. 2021

Services Covered :

Subject tests + Revision tests + Previous papers tests

Detailed explanations

5 Mock Tests

Concise notes for relevant topics

Guidance of trainers and JRF holders

Note : Paper 1 is not included

Service Platform :


Enrolment :

Through Website : www.rena.co.in

Procedure :
Free Demo :

Enter the website of Research Arena (www.rena.co.in)

Click on the CDTP 2021 Menu.

Sign Up and make a free account.

Now you are ready to use the service for free, for one week period

Demo period ends in 12. 02. 21

Payment Option :

Click on Enroll Now

Choose payment option

Make payment through our SSL enabled secured platform

All services are available immediately after the payment

Toppers Testimonials


UGC NET HOLDER – June 2020

It's my pleasure to share my experience with everyone... 

I was in my semester II when I thought to give UGC NET  and was in great dilemma that how to start, what to start and how much in depth knowledge it would require... Thanks to the Research Arena group... It helped me a lot... I was the one who just prepared everything solely from the material sent by the group... I have attempted all those daily quizzes and practice papers and gave the exam... I scored 62% and cleared NET in my first attempt... And I am damn sure to crack JRF in the upcoming attempt...My Regards and Respect to Research Arena. Thanks a lot...!!”


UGC NET HOLDER – June 2020

“It was a lockdown year and the only source to prepare for NET/JRF was Online. I joined Research Arena in telegram and started following daily quiz with full explanation. It helped me a lot in practicing these important stuffs and PYQ. This boosted up my knowledge well before exam. 

 I would like to suggest to start this process of daily quiz in telegram once again. 

 Thanks a lot for guidance and support”





“I’m Abhinav Yadav.
Currently I am pursuing my MA in Geography from JNU. I came in contact with Research Arena with the help of their telegram channel. The channel was full of precious information which were made interesting by animated images, well organised data and most importantly the sample questions on daily basis. 

  The daily practice questions was game changer for me ,as it gave me a wide range of questions and idea about the possible type of questions for the exam. The daily quiz made me study hard as ranking was released by the team next day on the same platform.


  Our education system generally does not allow us to interact with teachers in an informal way but here you can clear your doubts with no hesitation as the team is always open for discussion. They use to reply with some solid proof.

  Team Research Arena works in a very democratic way i.e they put poll in the channel for the timing of quiz , topic of next quiz and other issues.

I feel blessed and lucky that I came in contact of the Research Arena and achieved my target.

Thank you.”


FAQ - Test Series

Why Research Arena Test Series?

Research Arena test series doesn’t miss any relevant part of the UGC Syllabus. For this, our scholars have gone through every nook and corner of the Latest Syllabus.

The test series is framed for yielding maximum result by squeezing your memory. It is specifically meant for last moment preparation.

As our panel of teachers and JRF scholars join with you throughout preparation period till the date of exam, you will never miss a supporter, and will be always able to fix your doubts and confusions, at any time.

Who can write the test?

Any Geography students and teachers can. However, we recommend this test series for UGC NET/JRF Geography aspirants. The test series standards have been highly optimized for JRF aspirants.

What benefits I get from enrolling to this test series?

Research Arena Test Series for UGC NET/JRF is meant for;

For systematic, result oriented preparation within short duration (May 01, 2021)

For Effective Analysis of your Preparation

For avoiding misdirection (Especially for Self-Learners)

For gaining more knowledge and sharpening conceptual clarity.

For improving time management

For boosting your score by learning more, practising more and revising more.

How many times can I attempt a test?

You can attempt a test for any no. of times. Questions along with answer keys will be always available in your profile.

What if I face any problems related with attempting test series?

You will never have to send us a second mail in this respect. We will be always available to you. If any issue arises, we will immediately respond to it. If we are not able to fix the problem within 24hrs time, you will have complete right to claim 100% refund of your fees. (Only Condition we make is, the problem must block you from attempting tests and viewing results)

How much does it cost?

Rs 2000/-

How do I enroll?

With our secured online payment platform, all you need to do is make the payment

Login details will then be sent.

Use the login details to start learning & taking tests.

How do I use the platform?

Enter the login credentials you received

Once logged in, you can start taking the mock tests

Mock tests can be taken any time

For how long can I use the platform?

Till May 01, 2021

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure.

General Colin Powell